Sweat Lodge

Sweat Lodge

Cleanses and purifies your mind and body. Live a unique experience. Imagine a sweat tend ancient style, where heat and humidity will make your body clean deeply.

Precio por persona $300.000 COP
Duración Half day xperience
Disponibilidad Available only in solstice and equinox. Upcoming dates: Bogotá: 11 June 2017 Medellin: March 2017
Ubicación Bogotá or Medellín ask us for more information


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For more than thirty thousand years ago, this technique was used by ancient people to decide which way to follow the tribe, and to heal wounds or diseases and also for large celebrations .Cóndor Blanco has adapted the ceremony to modern society using it for numerous benefits, such as detoxify our physical body, clarify and relax our mind, among other things.
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